Jeff, Katrin, & Pagota

"Our dog, Pagoda, joined the owners of Atlas Dog House four years ago. Not only are Danny Kampf and his team extremely reliable and trustworthy, but they are clearly passionate about what they do. Danny loves animals and has a unique ability to understand and address their behavioral patterns, body language and emotions. We've witnessed first hand the transformation of many dogs that Danny has worked closely with--many of which have been remarkable! In addition, Danny and his team are incredibly responsible and pay a great deal of attention to identifying how to integrate certain dogs with others.  Danny works closely with owners to help train and/or socialize their dogs in order to transition them into "pack life" . We've never once worried about Pagoda's safety under Danny's watch and four years later, we cannot begin to imagine life without Danny or his team!

Janis, Judy Boots, & Roo

“There’s no one I trust more than the owners of Atlas Dog House to care for my best friends. They’ve had full access to my home and family for over 7 years with a flawless performance record. If it wasn’t for their help and guidance, there’s no way I’d be able to maintain my professional and social life with two dogs at home. Thank you! ”

Chris, Koto, & Kuro

My career is very unpredictable and it regularly takes me out of the city,  away from my best friends. I'm very grateful that I have the owners of Atlas Dog House to help me manage my situation. They've also been a tremendous aide in helping me understand the training principals behind raising puppies.  Thank you so so much! 

Lola & James

When we rescued Lola, she was incredibly nervous and scared of people and loud noises. She would tuck her tail, bark at strangers, and try to wiggle out of her leash outside. As a result, we were skeptical whether we could ever trust anyone to take care of Lola for afternoon walks and weekends away. And then we met Josh and Atlas Dog House.  Josh took the time and effort to patiently earn Lola’s trust. He listened, observed her behavior, and customized his care to her (and our) needs. Josh incrementally introduced Lola to dogs and new environments, steadily building her confidence. Very quickly, Lola loved Josh (and she’s a tough nut to crack). Besides being an incredible dog-person (dare we say, “dog whisperer”), Josh is incredibly flexible, dedicated, and trustworthy. We always feel so comforted when we travel, knowing Lola is in good hands. Josh is more than just a dog sitter—he is a friend invested in Lola’s wellbeing. We are so grateful to him!

Abe & Anna

Our dog *loves* Josh and Atlas Dog House. And we love the reassurance of knowing that she's enjoying her vacation as much as we are!

Ivan, Roman, Argos, & Portos

 “Josh with Atlas Dog House  has been taking care of our bassets for every vacation we've taken over the last 5 years. We know that Josh takes amazing care of our pups because they are always happier to see him pick them up than they are sad to see us go. We can't imagine anyone else taking care of our pups and wholeheartedly recommend Josh to anyone who is looking for a loving and caring service for her or his pet.”

Lauren, Caleb, & Hogan

Josh is our first phone call when we go out of town and can’t bring Hogan. He is kind and patient and he loves our buddy the way we do! Whenever we drop Hogan off he runs up to his door, tail wagging, and doesn’t look back. When we pick him up he always seems so sad to leave! We know that it’s because Josh takes great care of our pup. Following him on Instagram helps us see who else Hogan is hanging out with that week, plus we get great candid shots of our fur baby. There is no one else I trust with taking care of my dog when I’m out of town. 

Katie & Beau

"We LOVE Josh! Josh is the Dad to my best friend-Keely. And he cooks me extra special food. And after sometimes weeks at a time when my mom has to be overseas, Josh is like a second home. He always takes care of me, and I love playing with all my friends when I'm there." -Beau the poodle

Emily, Steve, & Dahlia

When my husband and I first adopted Dahlia as an 8 week old puppy, we were incredibly anxious about what to do about her daytime walks while we were at work, because she was terrified of anyone who wasn't the two of us, and her tiny size (less than 3 lbs at 8 weeks) meant that even playful nips from other dogs could be dangerous. Enter Josh. He was recommended by our neighbors, and the minute he entered our apartment, Dahlia went running to him, happily licking his hands and soon after his face. Josh and his team are the only people we trust with Dahlia outside of our family. Like most rescue dogs, she has anxiety problems and some reactivity, and we can always trust that Josh has Dahlia's wellbeing in mind. She's now a proud little pack leader, helping other dogs figure out the ropes. Josh is also the only person we've ever boarded Dahlia with, because we know that she'll be safe and happy with him. Other boarding options, with cages and lots of stressed dogs crowding each other, would be miserable for Dahlia, and probably set back her counter conditioning against reactivity. Boarding with Josh, in a safe, fun environment, is the perfect option. We are so happy to have Josh as an option, I don't know what we'd do without him. 

Ariel & Bogie

When my basset hound, Bogie, was starting to get up there in years and my work schedule was changing, I knew it was time to find him a dog walker. I spoke to a few people and they never really understood the needs of an elderly, arthritic basset hound who can't keep up on a 30 minute walk with 5 other dogs. One afternoon, I met Josh of Atlas Dog House walking another senior dog in my neighborhood that needed special attention and knew I had found someone who I could trust with my dog!  Five years later, Josh and his team are still walking Bogie daily and take great care of him whenever I go out of town. 

Stephanie, Toby, Shatzi

Josh is an absolute lifesaver. He treated both of my boys as though they were his own. Even my rescue, Toby, who was not a fan of strangers, especially men. To win him over, Josh had Toby stay a few nights at his house until Toby loved him as much as he loves me. It ended up taking four nights, but to this day, Josh is one of the few people that Toby will attack with kisses (too many kisses, usually). Josh is always available and accommodating to my crazy schedule and crazy boys. I cannot recommend him enough. 

Chris, Daizy, & Minnow

We feel so lucky to have found Josh, one of the owners of Atlas Dog House, when we brought Minnow home as a puppy!  We lived in the Meridian at Mt.Vernon Triangle, and while Minnow was a puppy, Josh picked her up for walks twice a day.  It really helped her get used to him, as well as working on potty training her.  Josh would also leave us a note about her day in a notebook!  It was nice for us to hear about who she went to the dog park with, or on a walk with, as well as what time she went out during the day.  The worst part of moving from the Meridian was not having Minnow go out with Josh everyday!  Luckily, we found out that Josh does doggy day care, and Minnow loves going over if we have long days at work, or even for overnights.  When Minnow is over, Josh treats her as if he's one of his own pups... we really couldn't ask for a better dog sitter.  While we hate leaving her, we know she's always having the best time with Josh and we would highly recommend Atlas Dog House  to other local dog owners for dog walking and dog sitting!

Nick, Michaela, & Loki

 Josh from Atlas Dog House is a consummate professional whose care for our dog Loki has exceeded any and every expectation. There are some things you cannot put a price on, and knowing that our dog is in such capable hands is one of them. We have no idea where we would be without Josh

Anthony & Dakota

I'm a very protective person, especially when it comes to my dog and access to my home. It takes a lot for me to trust someone, but the owners of Atlas Dog House have been excellent to work with and I'm grateful to have them. I  strongly recommend Atlas Doghouse for your training, walking, and boarding needs.