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Atlas Doghouse proudly provides dog boarding, walking, and training services throughout the Washington DC area. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured with over two decades of stellar combined experience taking care of Washingtonians' best friends. Our new brick & mortar location can be found at 1375 H Street NE, though we do service the entire city. Our priority will always be to put your dog's safety and comfort above all else and we understand that, though you absolutely love your dog, sometimes we all need a helping hand from time to time. Whether your situation calls for regular walks while at work, or individual boardings when you're off on vacation, we confidently provide the highest caliber of customer service and professionalism in the industry.

Both Josh Center and Danny Kampf had successful dog walking empires within Washington DC for many years. Individually, they both had thriving lists of happy clients whom they'd regularly visit. As the years went on, the two business owners became friends over their shared passion for dogs and entrepreneurship.. It didn't take long before they developed a plan to join forces and build a store together. The goal was, and always will be, to provide the individual attention and care that brought them both success, but seen on a larger scale. They both appreciate the immense trust that's required in caring for dogs and take it to heart. This is more than a business to them - it's their life's work, pride, and love. 



Our Services




DAY Care: $35/DAY

Whether you're at work or out with friends, Atlas Doghouse is happy to be your dog's home-away-from-home. We offer the cleanest and safest environment in all of Washington DC for your best friend to enjoy the day. Walks are included in this fee, and so is loving attention from our caring staff. All types of dogs are welcome, from older larger breeds to small puppies, we only ask that your dog please be spayed or neutered. 



For longer departures and unavoidable obligations, we offer overnight care for your dog in our ultra-secure setting that insures your pet will be well taken care of. Our brand new facility was designed for this service in particular. We guarantee your pet will have 24/7 enjoyment and protection while you're away. No need to stress, our staff is among the most caring and knowledgable in animal care with a full service veterinarian clinic right across the street. We do ask that your dog be spayed or neutered and only bring the essentials along: leash, food, & medication. We’ll cover everything else.



For $18, your dog receives a full 30 minute walk around your neighborhood. Our walks are done by trained professionals with crystal clear background checks. Your home and dog's security is our priority above all else.  


Atlas Doghouse was started by two of Washington D.C.'s preeminent dog trainers. With over two decades of combined experience, we're absolutely confident in our ability to guide you through the challenges of raising and training your dog. Every person and every dog is different, so we cater this program to your individual needs. We resolve issues such as aggression, barking, hopping up on the furniture, walking ettiequte, and even anxiety. We've seen it all, so let's have a conversation and go over the particulars of your situation. 



For our more regular clientele, Atlas Dog House offers membership services. We've built three separate packages to encompass the traditional needs. They're differentiated by their combination of walks, day-care passes, and overnight boarding passes. Some limits and exceptions do apply. All memberships require 90-day contracts. Please speak with our staff for more details.



Our most popular package: FIVE daycare passes per week. Each pass can be exchanged for a walk if desired. 

Silver PACKAGE: $190/week

Added attention: SEVEN daycare/walk passes per week and we include automotive transportation to pick up and bring back your best friend!

GOLD PACKAGE: $250/week

You name it. Unlimited daycare and overnight boarding with regular walks. All transportation is included. If you want, your dog can live happily with us 24/7. 




M-F: 7am-9pm

SAT: 8am-5pm

SUN: 10am-5pm







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Jeff, Katrin, & Pagota

"Our dog, Pagoda, joined the owners of Atlas Dog House four years ago. Not only are Danny Kampf and his team extremely reliable and trustworthy, but they are clearly passionate about what they do. Danny loves animals and has a unique ability to understand and address their behavioral patterns, body language and emotions. We've witnessed first hand the transformation of many dogs that Danny has worked closely with--many of which have been remarkable! In addition, Danny and his team are incredibly responsible and pay a great deal of attention to identifying how to integrate certain dogs with others.  Danny works closely with owners to help train and/or socialize their dogs in order to transition them into "pack life" . We've never once worried about Pagoda's safety under Danny's watch and four years later, we cannot begin to imagine life without Danny or his team!

Janis, Judy Boots, & Roo

“There’s no one I trust more than the owners of Atlas Dog House to care for my best friends. They’ve had full access to my home and family for over 7 years with a flawless performance record. If it wasn’t for their help and guidance, there’s no way I’d be able to maintain my professional and social life with two dogs at home. Thank you! ”

Chris, Koto, & Kuro

My career is very unpredictable and it regularly takes me out of the city,  away from my best friends. I'm very grateful that I have the owners of Atlas Dog House to help me manage my situation. They've also been a tremendous aide in helping me understand the training principals behind raising puppies.  Thank you so so much! 

Lola & James

When we rescued Lola, she was incredibly nervous and scared of people and loud noises. She would tuck her tail, bark at strangers, and try to wiggle out of her leash outside. As a result, we were skeptical whether we could ever trust anyone to take care of Lola for afternoon walks and weekends away. And then we met Josh and Atlas Dog House.  Josh took the time and effort to patiently earn Lola’s trust. He listened, observed her behavior, and customized his care to her (and our) needs. Josh incrementally introduced Lola to dogs and new environments, steadily building her confidence. Very quickly, Lola loved Josh (and she’s a tough nut to crack). Besides being an incredible dog-person (dare we say, “dog whisperer”), Josh is incredibly flexible, dedicated, and trustworthy. We always feel so comforted when we travel, knowing Lola is in good hands. Josh is more than just a dog sitter—he is a friend invested in Lola’s wellbeing. We are so grateful to him!

Abe & Anna

Our dog *loves* Josh and Atlas Dog House. And we love the reassurance of knowing that she's enjoying her vacation as much as we are!

Ivan, Roman, Argos, & Portos

 “Josh with Atlas Dog House  has been taking care of our bassets for every vacation we've taken over the last 5 years. We know that Josh takes amazing care of our pups because they are always happier to see him pick them up than they are sad to see us go. We can't imagine anyone else taking care of our pups and wholeheartedly recommend Josh to anyone who is looking for a loving and caring service for her or his pet.”

Lauren, Caleb, & Hogan

Josh is our first phone call when we go out of town and can’t bring Hogan. He is kind and patient and he loves our buddy the way we do! Whenever we drop Hogan off he runs up to his door, tail wagging, and doesn’t look back. When we pick him up he always seems so sad to leave! We know that it’s because Josh takes great care of our pup. Following him on Instagram helps us see who else Hogan is hanging out with that week, plus we get great candid shots of our fur baby. There is no one else I trust with taking care of my dog when I’m out of town. 

Katie & Beau

"We LOVE Josh! Josh is the Dad to my best friend-Keely. And he cooks me extra special food. And after sometimes weeks at a time when my mom has to be overseas, Josh is like a second home. He always takes care of me, and I love playing with all my friends when I'm there." -Beau the poodle

Emily, Steve, & Dahlia

When my husband and I first adopted Dahlia as an 8 week old puppy, we were incredibly anxious about what to do about her daytime walks while we were at work, because she was terrified of anyone who wasn't the two of us, and her tiny size (less than 3 lbs at 8 weeks) meant that even playful nips from other dogs could be dangerous. Enter Josh. He was recommended by our neighbors, and the minute he entered our apartment, Dahlia went running to him, happily licking his hands and soon after his face. Josh and his team are the only people we trust with Dahlia outside of our family. Like most rescue dogs, she has anxiety problems and some reactivity, and we can always trust that Josh has Dahlia's wellbeing in mind. She's now a proud little pack leader, helping other dogs figure out the ropes. Josh is also the only person we've ever boarded Dahlia with, because we know that she'll be safe and happy with him. Other boarding options, with cages and lots of stressed dogs crowding each other, would be miserable for Dahlia, and probably set back her counter conditioning against reactivity. Boarding with Josh, in a safe, fun environment, is the perfect option. We are so happy to have Josh as an option, I don't know what we'd do without him. 

Ariel & Bogie

When my basset hound, Bogie, was starting to get up there in years and my work schedule was changing, I knew it was time to find him a dog walker. I spoke to a few people and they never really understood the needs of an elderly, arthritic basset hound who can't keep up on a 30 minute walk with 5 other dogs. One afternoon, I met Josh of Atlas Dog House walking another senior dog in my neighborhood that needed special attention and knew I had found someone who I could trust with my dog!  Five years later, Josh and his team are still walking Bogie daily and take great care of him whenever I go out of town. 

Stephanie, Toby, Shatzi

Josh is an absolute lifesaver. He treated both of my boys as though they were his own. Even my rescue, Toby, who was not a fan of strangers, especially men. To win him over, Josh had Toby stay a few nights at his house until Toby loved him as much as he loves me. It ended up taking four nights, but to this day, Josh is one of the few people that Toby will attack with kisses (too many kisses, usually). Josh is always available and accommodating to my crazy schedule and crazy boys. I cannot recommend him enough. 

Chris, Daizy, & Minnow

We feel so lucky to have found Josh, one of the owners of Atlas Dog House, when we brought Minnow home as a puppy!  We lived in the Meridian at Mt.Vernon Triangle, and while Minnow was a puppy, Josh picked her up for walks twice a day.  It really helped her get used to him, as well as working on potty training her.  Josh would also leave us a note about her day in a notebook!  It was nice for us to hear about who she went to the dog park with, or on a walk with, as well as what time she went out during the day.  The worst part of moving from the Meridian was not having Minnow go out with Josh everyday!  Luckily, we found out that Josh does doggy day care, and Minnow loves going over if we have long days at work, or even for overnights.  When Minnow is over, Josh treats her as if he's one of his own pups... we really couldn't ask for a better dog sitter.  While we hate leaving her, we know she's always having the best time with Josh and we would highly recommend Atlas Dog House  to other local dog owners for dog walking and dog sitting!

Nick, Michaela, & Loki

 Josh from Atlas Dog House is a consummate professional whose care for our dog Loki has exceeded any and every expectation. There are some things you cannot put a price on, and knowing that our dog is in such capable hands is one of them. We have no idea where we would be without Josh

Anthony & Dakota

I'm a very protective person, especially when it comes to my dog and access to my home. It takes a lot for me to trust someone, but the owners of Atlas Dog House have been excellent to work with and I'm grateful to have them. I  strongly recommend Atlas Doghouse for your training, walking, and boarding needs. 

Hannah C.

I cannot speak highly enough of Danny and his team. We recently rescued our 2 year old shepherd/pit mix and she was very reactive around other dogs, lunging at them and trying to dominate them. She was also chasing our cats and having a very difficult time not pulling on walks. Danny came to our house for an individual training session and followed up via text for several weeks after our session to ask how things were going and give additional tips. Danny and Josh are so knowledgeable about dog behavior and psychology. In less than 3 weeks, she is now out with the cats unsupervised with no problems and much less reactive around other dogs on leash.

Additionally, the staff at Atlas continued to work with our dog at the daycare, teaching her how to socialize with other dogs safely. They have been so helpful and accommodating, allowing us to drop her off last minute for several hours and then emailing me reports of how she was doing throughout the day. They helped us to see that all behavior is able to be changed with the right corrective responses and attention. It is very stressful and overwhelming to adopt a dog with challenging behaviors and we are forever grateful to the staff at Atlas for making this transition so much easier.

Sofia P.

Atlas Dog House has been fantastic. Danny and two trainers came to work with my dog (who had leash aggression issues) and after only 2 hours he was able to interact with any dog on the street. My dog has also started the group walks and the walkers are friendly, on-time and the walks have continued to reinforce good leash behavior.

Rokas R.

This place is absolutely fantastic. Danny and the rest of the staff are caring, responsive and competent. I have used them for dog walking and boarding and would trust them with my Great Dane in a heartbeat.

Christopher D.

Josh and Danny are amazing! ADH is a well run doggie care business, with them personally being involved in every aspect daily. They truly care about each and every dog, getting to know them and their personalities.

Jason A.

This place is wonderful! The staff are super friendly, attentive, and engaged with the dogs. Our dog gets visibly excited when we walk in, which is a good sign! It means he enjoys it there. You can't beat that!

Samantha S.

Our Rhodesian, Riley, is an incredibly intelligent, high-spirited rescue pup. She has always been extremely well behaved - until you would take her on walks. Before meeting with Danny, walks were extremely stressful and usually caused a lot of anxiety for both us and Riley. During walks, Riley would drag us down the sidewalk and always seemed like she was out for hunt, lunging at dogs, choking herself out to get to them at every possible turn. Her eyes would glaze over and trying to get her to follow her basic commands felt nearly impossible and would always end with embarrassment. After working with a couple trainers and spending a lot of time/money that lacked results, we took a break for awhile until our walks became too much to bear. Finally, after a recommendation through a connection, we reached out to Danny. We can not speak highly enough of Danny. He is very intelligent, understands dog psychology and is great at explaining why they behave the way they do. During our session, we learned why our behavior and Riley's natural dominant tendencies have forced her into an "alpha" mindset, acting aggressively to any dogs that she doesn't think are part of our "pack". Since our session a couple days ago, Riley has been calmly healing by our side (seriously, this alone has made walks SO much more enjoyable) and has even met other dogs at our local parks. Since we know feel much more confident and at ease, I am sure the results will only improve from here. Danny also ensures he is available as a resource post-session for any questions or advice.

Atlas Dog House offers a very unique opportunity for boarding where they are able to monitor dog's social interactions and provide an environment for them to safely socialize in. We are looking forward to sending Riley!

Alex K.

Danny, Josh, and the staff at Atlas Dog House are some of the best in the business in dog care. We have used the dog walking and daycare services for our pup Brody and heard great things from other dog owners about their behavioral training. Atlas uses a membership pricing model (different from the packages you can buy at other daycares)in order to develop a pack of dogs that see and play with each other every day, resulting in better pack cohesion and less negative behaviors. We have use the dog walking service and Brody loves his usual walker Jeremy. I highly recommend Atlas Dog House to other dog owners. Puppy tax is provided in the attached picture.

Joey S.

We love Atlas. Our dog has been going 2-3 times a week for several months. The staff is very hospitable, clearly love dogs, and make sure we feel comfortable leaving our pup their while we're at work all day. We've tried other day care options in DC and settled on Atlas for all the reasons above. Plus our dog clearly loves it and begs every morning to get in the car with us so we'll take him. Haven't tried boarding, but if it's anything like their day care then it's a great option!

Katie W.

Danny helped us with our aggressive pit bull (reactive with dogs, good with humans). The two hours we worked with Danny were time and money well spent. He showed us techniques for managing our dog’s aggression while encountering other dogs on walks, and general behavior management while on walks. It’s been two weeks now since working with him and we’ve been able to successfully apply much of what he taught us and hopefully the rest will come with practice. It’s been wonderful to have our dog walk next to us on a relaxed leash and be able to see him have a calmer behavior when encountering other dogs. We highly recommend working with Danny if you have a reactive or aggressive dog.

Zain S.

Danny is the best in the DC region. Hands down. We adopted our dog from a shelter in DC and specifically asked for a dog that was good with other dogs. "Holtby [as he was named at the shelter] is the one for you!" we were told. Well, they lied. Holtby was awful with other dogs -- barking, lunging, picking fights. We were doing everything we could to get our very energetic dog in the place we needed him: watched countless Zach George Youtube videos, took him to a trainer, trained him as much as we could ourselves, enrolled him in a reactive dog training class and went every single week for six weeks, got him on Prozac. Nothing worked. In fact, his behavioral issues got worse with time. He even started lunging and barking at people. It got to a point where taking him on a walk was like preparing for battle. And no, this was not due to our negligence as dog owners. While my partner and I are not professional dog trainers, we have raised multiple dogs in our lives and generally know at least as much as any other responsible dog owner. We were out of ideas. So we scoured the web for some other option. Finding Danny was like divine intervention. He told us to give him a try. After all, what did we have to lose? Two hours of one-on-one training with him was all he required, he said. Not weeks and weeks. He scheduled an emergency session with us on a Wednesday. The moment he met our special little guy he got to see what I told him over the phone. Our little love bug was growling and snarling and lunging at everything in sight -- dogs, people, old women on walkers, crawling babies. Danny got him to calm down, and then we walked the neighborhood as Danny taught us a ton about dog mentality and reading dogs. After less than an hour, Danny introduced our guy to another dog -- something we hadn't even dared attempt in months. They became best friends almost immediately! And from there the good vibes kept coming. Our guy went from not getting to interact with another dog for months and months to meeting about six dogs on this two hour walk alone!

After training with Danny, we continue walking our guy and he now has countless new dog friends. The lunging and barking issues almost entirely vanished. We have a completely different dog and our lives are so, so much better. And it is in every way thanks to Danny. If you have a reactive dog, most people will tell you that you're stuck for life. It's all going to be about maintenance -- not rehabilitation. Don't listen to them. Call Danny right now.

Michelle B.

We had a training session with Danny Kampf, and those 2 hours were so much more helpful than we ever could have imagined. We have some challenges with our dog, Winston. He's perfectly fine with people (other than perhaps not having the best manners - he's a jumper), but when he sees another dog, he can (and almost always does) turn very aggressive, very quickly. He would often redirect on to our other dog, and it was just a stressful situation for everyone. Living in the city, you can turn the corner and run into another dog, so we would typically walk around with a pretty strong sense of apprehension - not ideal for you or your dogs. (Plus, Winston's an 85 lb pit mix - not exactly a dog you can pick up and walk away with!). In our training session, we learned why Winston acts the way he does (a combo of his ambition to become the alpha in our "pack"/family and just some of the natural behaviors of the breed - very excitable, high energy, etc.), how to adjust our behavior so that we're in control, and when Winston becomes dog aggressive, how to properly correct the behavior and calm him down. The more we do it, the more he is and we are getting used to it. It will continue to take some practice and effort on our part, but we're only a few days in, and, whereas before we wouldn't have dreamed to let him near another dog (and in fact, hadn't done so in many months), we were able to let Winston play with our neighbor's 4 month old puppy the other day. We had to calm Winston down first, but thanks to our training with Danny, we got there and he and the puppy had a ball. Otherwise, we learned a lot about dog pack mentality and how to properly walk, feed, and reward our dogs so that they view us as the "pack leaders". (And it seems like Winston's jumping on us has already started to improve.) You can tell Danny really cares about your dogs and helping you. We're very lucky to have him as a trainer and would 100%, without a doubt recommend him to anyone. Danny makes himself a resource to you (at no additional cost), even after your training is completed, which is so great, and I'm sure we'll take him up on it. Since we live close by, Danny also offered to let us walk around the neighborhood with their walkers so Winston can become more used to being around other dogs (also at no additional cost!). My husband is sometimes home during the day, so hopefully we can take him up on the offer soon. I honestly thought we were SOL with having someone who could walk or watch Winston for us, and now that we've met and worked with Danny, I don't feel that way at all anymore. We also had the opportunity to meet (and get some help from) Josh because we went by Atlas doghouse during our session. (It was a rainy day, so we weren't running into too many dogs in the street. Another huge bonus of working with Danny - we were able to go to the store where there are lots of dogs.) Josh is great, very knowledgeable, and, just like Danny, you can tell he's passionate and cares a great deal about the dogs he cares for. Speaking of, while we were at and around Atlas doghouse, Danny introduced Winston (after getting him calm) to at least 6 dogs. (Still amazing to me - we hadn't introduced him to 1 in so long.) What a great experience!

Heyley N.

Danny and his team are the best. I did my research and even tried other dog services in the city, but Atlas Doghouse is the best. I cannot say enough about how much they care about your fur baby. Each team members knows the individual dog, his or her personality, and takes serious consideration for their safety at all times. When my little one and I moved to the city, she had a hard time adjusting. I called several places to inquire about training. Danny called me personally and was the only trainer to ask me specific questions about my fur baby to be able to provide me the best advice for what she needs. During our initial consultation, Danny wanted to reduce the stress of my dog and scheduled an "emergency" training session with us, meaning he saw us in a couple of days instead of making us wait for two weeks like the other companies. He wanted to ensure my dog could enjoy her new home. During the training, we walked through the local community. We were stopped several times by dog walkers asking for his expertise and his other clients who sang his praises. Danny even followed up with me after our training to make sure my little one was progressing. It is evident Danny and his team have made a positive impact on the community for many people and most importantly, our fur babies. Their genuine care and concern for the well-being of your loved one sets them apart from other dog care services. I do not trust any other company with the care of my dog!

Cole D.

I’ve taken my dog here many times and will continue to do so. The owners and staff are responsible, organized and great caretakers.

Valerie H.

I cannot say enough good things about Atlas Doghouse. When my puppy Rosita, a shih tzu/havanese mix, was just 4 months old I was in search of a dog day care. As you can imagine, I was a little worried leaving my 5-pound puppy in a new place with dogs of all sizes and ages, but all of my worries were dashed when I dropped in for visit with Rosita and was greeted warmly by Danny. Danny did a great job making me feel at ease with the decision to enroll Rosita by being willing to answer my endless questions. Rosita and I returned within the week and quickly signed up to be regular customers on one of their packages. Danny's commitment to good customer service did not stop there, he has continued to be very responsive, especially when I have to make changes to my services at the last minute. Since the first day our overall experience with Atlas Doghouse has continued to just get better and better. We quickly became acquainted with all of the staff, including Josh who has been so amazing while taking care of my little menace. The facility is also sparkling clean. Probably the most important sign for me that Rosita loves Atlas Doghouse is that she never wants to leave and she gets super excited when she sees all of the staff. Thanks Atlas Doghouse for taking such great care of my baby!

Brandon W.

Both Danny and Josh are incredibly helpful and treat my dog very well. I have used several daycare services over the years and have to say they are one of the best. I strongly recommend Atlas Dog House to anyone looking for an amazing daycare and boarding experience.

Christina K.

I have stopped in a couple times and met both owners and other staff members, and we brought our dogs there for a brief visit to check it out. The staff is friendly and pay close attention to the dogs. I am particularly impressed with their focus on behavior and that they are willing to work with both of our dogs to increase their social skills with other dogs and people. We are excited to start bringing our pups here regularly!

Ky H.

I had an excellent experience with Danny and Atlas Doghouse. I recently returned to the H Street area after living in a different part of town and saw that this place had popped up. My 3 y/o corgi thinks he's bigger than he really is and I needed some help in correcting his leash aggression/reactivity issues. After a 15 minute educational phone conversation with Danny (one of the owners), we were able to agree on a very fair price and time to meet up. After yesterday's 2 hour training session that included an educational sit down on reactive dogs, how to correct these issues, and a long walk where we practiced these techniques, I could not be more pleased with the progress I saw in such a small period of time.

Kristen N.

I cannot recommend Danny Kampf, dog trainer and owner of Atlas, highly enough.  He transformed my dog over the course of two hours and left me feeling super confident in my ability to keep things on the right track. As background, my pup is new to me and new to the city.  I've also never owned a dog before.  When he first came home with me last week, he was a little bit of a nervous wreck and was also behaving quite aggressively with other dogs when on the leash.  There was a lot of lunging, barking, and snapping. Danny changed all of that with a lesson on the theory for me, followed by a practical lesson for both me and the dog.  At the end of the session, I was introducing my dog to new dogs on the street with no problem.  We made so much progress in fact that my dog stayed calm even when another dog turned aggressive.  Other awesome improvements: I know a lot more about my dog's psychology than I did before.  We learned door manners, so the dog now sits when I open the front door and waits until I invite him to follow me outside.  Finally, we also learned manners around food.  As was true with  the door, the dog now sits as I put the food on the ground in front of him and waits to eat until I invite him to do so.

Jesse C.

Convenient location, fairly priced,  and staff that sincerely cares for the dogs. Highly recommended and welcome addition to the neighborhood.

Tracy T.

I have been so pleased with Danny Kampf and his associates.  I am a first time dog foster and they have gone above and beyond with answering questions and providing tips after walking my dog.  Excellent communication and care.

Wynne L.

Sebastian goes here for daycare a couple times a week, and he is so excited every time we approach the front door. It is clear they take great care of him, and he has learned how to "dog" from all his daycare friends! Their customer service is great and my puppy loves all the staff there. Well worth the peace of mind to send him there and wear him out for $35! We will definitely think about them in the future for boarding.

H. E.

I am a big fan of the entire Atlas Doghouse team. Danny, Josh and everybody else are doing an amazing job taking care of my dog - very professional and knowledgeable. Whenever I leave her in their care (daycare) or let her go on one of the pack walks with her favorite dog walker Adrian, she comes back a happy puppy. Also, sometimes life gets in the way and I need to schedule a last minute walk or daycare appointment. Doesn't matter, the Atlas Doghouse team is always there to help. Danny has helped me with some individual training lessons to get my high energy puppy to heel properly. She loves him. I highly recommend Atlas Doghouse!

Carlos A.

Oliver loves his daily walks. Everyday around noon he awaits at the door for the walker :-) Josh and his team are amazing, I completely trust that Oliver will be safe during the walks and also when I'm traveling. A team of lifesavers!

Beth S.

This place is amazing! It is obvious that Josh, Danny, and the rest of the staff care so much about all the dogs in their care. They also went over and above to assure me that my dogs were having fun. We have brought our 5 month old puppy there several times and she absolutely loves it! She gets excited once we turn the corner on h street and can't wait to get in. She leave tired and happy. We have also brought my parents older dog who we are watching for a while. She is a little bit of a nut who pitches a fit when we leave, but even she had fun once she calmed down. I told the staff about Matilda's "quirks" and they took good care of her. I was very impressed that they were responsive to my checking in on her during the day as well! I was nervous because she can get anxious, but she seemed chill when I picked her up (until she saw me lol). I am so happy atlas doghouse opened and will be dropping the dogs off here frequently!

Valerie R.

I strongly recommend Atlas Doghouse. My bulldog Nigel has been going to daycare and walked by their walkers for about 9 months now. Having caretakers who really love dogs (and love my dog) is very important to me. Nearly every person I've interacted with has effusively loved the dogs. Nigel LOVES going to daycare here. He sprints out of the car and down the street. The owners and managers, Danny and Josh, are very responsive and organized. I've had a great experience with them, and I know Nigel has, too! It doesn't hurt that they post cute pictures on Instagram, too. Nigel's on his way to becoming a star!

Deanna D.

When I rescued my dog she had been abused and was in a shelter for close to a year. She was scared of everything and everyone and even aggressive towards other dogs. Since we moved to DC she has been spending time with Dan and his staff at Atlas Doghouse and the change is unbelievable. I can't express how happy and impressed I am. Roxy is like a whole new dog, she loves meeting people and no longer needs to be muzzled outside. She loves "school" and all of her new friends. I would recommend this places a million times over.

Ollie G.

We have tried many daycares in DC and Atlas is our favorite. Everyone on staff cares about dogs and is lovely to work with. Their daycare includes daily walks, which makes them distinct from other places in DC. The owners both have behavioral training and are just total dog people. They also don't crate the dogs and the facilities are super clean, which I appreciate. It really has a neighborhood feel and my dog is obsessed with everyone who works there. As a crazy dog mom, I highly recommend.

Katona J.

Simply amazing! I am so impressed with Atlas. The level of service provided is nothing short of impeccable! If you are considering a daycare facility for your dog, I highly recommend Atlas! There's a reason why the reviews are great!

Emily K.

This is the best doggy daycare on H Street and the best we've been to in DC. My pup loves it there and I know they take good care of her. Great addition to H Street!

Marcy O.

Josh has been taking care of my two dogs for a year now and they both love hanging out with him. They have never been excited to be boarded or go to daycare but both pups love going to Atlas. I never pick them up stressed or anxious and they always come home tired, happy and ready for a nap. The new building allows dogs to play but also rest and have alone time in separate spaces with beds and blankets. A staff member is on location 24/7 and are knowledgeable about how to care for the fur babies. I highly recommend Atlas for any dog services.

Katie B.

Danny and Josh have been taking care of my (extra large) poodle, Beau, for over four years--daily walks and overnight visits, and I could not have done it without them.  They have had complete access to my home and pup for over four years and are spectacular at their jobs.  Beau gets "on the walk" training every single day, and Josh always makes him extra special dinners when he has overnight visits.  I never worry about Beau when I am out of town.  He is always in good hands with these guys.  They go above and beyond to make sure your dog is happy, healthy, and well trained.  Couldn't recommend them more!

Kelly T.

Josh has taken care of our pup (walks and overnights) for two and a half years. Our pup absolutely adores him! There's no one we trust more. He brings the same individual care that sets him apart to Atlas Doghouse. We're excited that Josh is expanding to a store front and partnering with Dan, and we look forward to continuing to bring our pup here whenever we can't be with him!

Julia B.

Danny and Josh are amazing, we love them and their team. They take wonderful care of our dog, she goes to daycare, stays overnight, and has walks with Atlas - all of the above are great! You can definitely rest assured knowing your dog is in good hands. They're very responsive and quick to alert you if something needs your attention. Highly recommend!

Erika E.

Danny and Josh and the rest of the team at Atlas Doghouse are amazing. I was so glad to find them opening in December-I have a very active cattle dog and they just think the world of him. Both Danny and Josh are behavioralists and never seem to mind my crazy travel schedule or my crazy dog. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Jeff B.

This is the best place to take your fur baby. It is extremely clean and they really care about all the animals there. You shouldn't take your dog anywhere else in the DMV


Danny and Josh are the best. They truly care for each and every dog they see. On top of that, they are always professional and friendly with those lesser beings - the people.

Juliana B.

We use Atlas for dog walking and have recently worked with Danny for dog training. Danny was absolutely amazing to work with. Worth every penny. He spent time educating us about natural dog behaviors and then used those behaviors to help train our 1.5 year old dog with leash aggression. By the end of the session we had specific tools to use to work with our dog on our own. I’m no longer afraid to allow my dog to greet other dogs on leash. Whether you’re looking for high quality dog walkers or training services, these guys are the best in DC.


Susie Q,

Danny was very helpful and professional in explaining dog training methods for my anxious rescue pup. He made sure I understood why my dog acts/does what he does (fearful, anxious) and how to address and change some of these behaviors. We can all readily access, research and attempt to train our pups. But thats only one piece of it. The point of a trainer to me is to help us weave it all together and give us the tools and confidence to show how to use our human position in the relationship to manage & alter our dogs behaviors. I looked at my dog with a fresh perspective today at the dog park & it was a much more fun morning for canine and human! Danny is also available post training for any questions/conversations. Plus Atlas Dog House has a great vibe when you walk in. I would highly recommend him.

Tra V.

We were unsure what we'd do with our dog when my wife went into labor, so we emailed Atlas asking if they'd be OK if we drop off our pup for 3-4 days of boarding without a reservation. Josh quickly responded saying it'd be totally fine and told me to call him personally at anytime of the day if we had any issues. When my wife went into labor at 4 am I called Josh and he quickly confirmed we could drop off our dog and board her for as long as necessary. Josh and his whole team have been a huge help and our dog loves daycare and boarding there! Needless to say, we highly recommend Atlas Dog House.

H. C.

I cannot speak highly enough of Danny and his team. We recently rescued our 2 year old shepherd/pit mix and she was very reactive around other dogs, lunging at them and trying to dominate them. She was also chasing our cats and having a very difficult time not pulling on walks. Danny came to our house for an individual training session and followed up via text for several weeks after our session to ask how things were going and give additional tips. Danny and Josh are so knowledgeable about dog behavior and psychology. In less than 3 weeks, she is now out with the cats unsupervised with no problems and much less reactive around other dogs on leash. Additionally, the staff at Atlas continued to work with our dog at the daycare, teaching her how to socialize with other dogs safely. They have been so helpful and accommodating, allowing us to drop her off last minute for several hours and then emailing me reports of how she was doing throughout the day. They helped us to see that all behavior is able to be changed with the right corrective responses and attention. It is very stressful and overwhelming to adopt a dog with challenging behaviors and we are forever grateful to the staff at Atlas for making this transition so much easier.



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