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1375 H Street, NE, Washington DC 20002

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about us

Atlas Doghouse proudly provides dog boarding, walking, and training services throughout the Washington DC area. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured with over two decades of stellar experience taking care of Washingtonians' best friends. Our new brick & mortar location can be found at 1375 H Street NE, though we do service the entire city. Our priority will always be to put your dog's safety and comfort above all else and we understand that, though you absolutely love your dog, sometimes we all need a helping hand from time to time. Whether your situation calls for regular walks while at work, or individual boardings when you're off on vacation, we confidently provide the highest caliber of customer service and professionalism in the industry. 

Both Josh Center and Danny Kampf had successful dog walking empires within Washington DC for many years. Individually, they both had thriving lists of happy clients whom they'd regularly visit. As the years went on, the two business owners became friends over their shared passion for dogs and entrepreneurship.. It didn't take long before they developed a plan to join forces and build a store together. The goal was, and always will be, to provide the individual attention and care that brought them both success, but seen on a larger scale. They both appreciate the immense trust that's required in caring for dogs and take it to heart. This is more than a business to them - it's their life's work, pride, and love. 




             We  welcome any questions, curiosities, and conversations. Please email us below, or feel free to call us within normal business hours. We strive to respond to all messages within 24hrs, if not immediately.

Phone: 202-450-6259



Our Services




Day Care: $35/day

Whether you're at work or out with friends, Atlas Dog House is happy to be your dog's home-away-from-home. We offer the cleanest and safest environment in all of Washington DC for your best friend to enjoy the day. There's enough space in our facility for both private pens and social runabouts based on your dog's individual personality and needs. Walks are included in this fee, and so is loving attention from our caring staff. All types of dogs are welcome, from older larger breeds to small puppies, we only ask that your dog be spayed or neutered. 


Overnight Boarding: $50/night

For longer departures and unavoidable obligations, we offer overnight care for your dog in our ultra-secure setting that insures your pet will be well taken care of. Our brand new facility was designed for this service in particular. We guarantee your pet will have 24/7 enjoyment and protection while you're away. No need to stress, our staff is among the most caring and knowledgable in animal care with a full service veterinarian clinic right across the street. We do ask that your dog be spayed or neutered and only bring the essentials along: leash, food, & medication. We’ll cover everything else.



DOG WalkS: $18/walk

For $18, your dog receives a full 30 minute walk around your neighborhood. Our walks are done by trained professionals with crystal clear background checks. Your home and dog's security is our priority above all else.


Personal one-on-one Training:$240/2hrs

Atlas Doghouse was started by two of Washington D.C.'s preeminent dog trainers. With over two decades of combined experience, we're absolutely confident in our ability to guide you through the challenges of raising and training your dog. Every person and every dog is different, so we cater this program to your individual needs. We resolve issues such as aggression, barking, hopping up on the furniture, walking etiquette, and even anxiety. We've seen it all, so let's have a conversation and go over the particulars of your situation. 




For our more regular clientele, Atlas Dog House offers membership services. We've built three separate packages to encompass the traditional dog kennel needs. They're differentiated by their combination of walks, boarding passes for the daytime, and overnight boarding passes. All memberships require 90-day contracts. Some limits and exceptions apply. All dogs must be spayed or nuetered. Please speak with our  staff for details. 



Our most popular package: FIVE daycare passes per week. Each pass can be exchanged for a walk if desired. 


Added attention: SEVEN daycare/walk passes per week and we include automotive transportation to pick up and bring back your best friend!

GOLD PACKAGE: $250/week

You name it. Unlimited daycare and overnight boarding with regular walks. All transportation included. If you want, your dog can live happily with us 24/7. 



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